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Wednesday, July 21, 1 pm EST/10 am PST

Thriving in a Multigenerational Marketplace

John Ansbach

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel for EFA Processing, LP

In this Webinar, John Ansbach will review ways to use generational knowledge to design high impact, high yield marketing and branding messages tailored to resonate with specific generational cohorts in your marketplace. Develop valuable, timely marketing tools, techniques and tips on how best to communicate with various generations to maximize your success in any real estate market.

  • As an agent you are always marketing to and working with all the generations: Civics, Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. Don't miss out on business because you don't understand what is important to each of these generations!
  • Are you scratching your head wondering what makes young home buyers tick? With roughly 73 million of them in United States, Generation Y are comparable in size to the much-heralded 78 million Baby Boomers... and they are buying homes! Don't miss out these new buyers because you don't understand what is important to Generation Y.
  • The US Army changed their advertisements to appeal to each generation, find out why. Apply these tactics to your marketing plan!
  • Why is Ameriprise and just about every other major corporation in the country now using generational messaging to sell, market to and build relationships with specific generations of consumers? The answer lies in the power of generational dynamics, which at the very core reflects the use of age information to achieve specific goals. Learn how to apply this concept to your real estate business for increased sales, improved marketing and even successful management.


About John Ansbach

John Ansbach is a dynamic, inspiring speaker whose events are tailored to inform and motivate real estate professionals. He is passionate about the real estate industry and its people, and his work with associations, brokerages and other real estate organizations across the country reflects this passion.

John's clients include the Chicago Association of REALTORS®, the Houston Association of REALTORS®, the Flint Area Association of REALTORS®, the Bakersfield Association of REALTORS®, the Orlando Regional Realtor® Association and a host of other REALTOR® associations and real estate organizations across the Country.

John also publishes regularly on real estate issues related to generational dynamics, consumer service and professional standards. In 2005, John wrote the nationally distributed white paper discussing the professional standards movement in real estate, and his 4-part series of articles on generational management techniques in the real estate industry is now being published in MANAGEMENT CENTRAL, a management and human resources publication of the Houston Association of REALTORS®.

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