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Russell Shaw

Former President of the Arizona Certified Residential Specialists, Lifetime Member of the President's Roundtable, ranked nationally #28 in 2002 & #30 for 2003 in nation for most homes sold by NAR Magazine - GRI, CRS

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Learn how Russell effectively and profitably navigates both the buyers and sellers side of the market, employing new strategies for each group. See Russell's new sources for buyers and sellers including a foolproof email system (including takeaways!) and examples of his new short sale web presence and seminars.

  • Learn how Russell saves thousands of dollars per month managing leads!
  • Thinking about a stealth site? Find out the professional implications and state regulations that might make you reconsider.
  • Russell knows that he won't be in the real estate business over the next 3 to 5 years if he is not in the Short Sale market. Learn why you need to be involved in Short Sales for you and your team to generate a constant supply of sellers and how Russell hosts his Short Sale seminars.


About Russell Shaw

Russel Shaw is a native of Phoenix who began his real estate career in 1978 with John Hall & Associates. He is both a GRI and a CRS, as well as a past President of the Arizona Certified Residential Specialists. Russell is a Lifetime Member of the President's Roundtable. One of his highest honors was being ranked nationally #28 in 2002 and #30 for 2003 of all participating agents in the United States for "Most Homes Sold" by the National Association of Realtors Magazine.

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