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Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 1:00 PM Eastern

Real World vs. Virtual World Tools

Find the Balance

Kris Berg

Co-owner and Designated Broker, San Diego Castles Realty

Kris Berg has not thrown the baby out with the bath water-she uses what works. That means everything from "sticks in the yard" and glossy print brochures to blogs and tweets.

Agents must be "tweeners": fully conversant with the virtual world and emerging technologies and energetically using strategies that have worked in the real world for decades.

Kris faces this balancing act with inspiring discrimination and creativity. She knows it's a dynamic process. Marketing channels multiply and require constant re-evaluation. Some technology may be right for your skill set but not for others.

"We have no trouble throwing money at faceless shares of stock, but agents are frightened of investing in themselves. If you fear that, you're not thinking like a business person." Kris puts real world investment dollars in herself and her team.

Kris will show you how to find the right mix of the new and virtual and the tried and true for maximum success for your real estate business in this free webinar!

This Free Webinar will cover:

  • Brand Building
  • Setting priorities - where to start
  • What works in the Real World
  • What works in the Virtual World
  • What doesn't work in either world
  • Speaking the (Virtual World) lingo
  • Investing in self and team

About Kris

Kris Berg is Designated Broker and co-owner of San Diego Castles Realty in San Diego, California. Together with her husband, Steve, she has been representing buyers and sellers throughout San Diego County for more than a decade. They recently founded San Diego Castles Realty on the premise that, through a smaller, leaner, more progressive and consumer-focused business model, they would be better able to deliver superior, personalized service to their clients. After all, helping people buy and sell properties is their only business.

Kris began her real estate career as an agent with a large, locally-owned company. She later associated with an independently-owned national franchise and finally with Prudential California Realty. Having experienced first-hand a variety of brokerage models, Kris remains passionate in her desire to create an environment in which ethics, integrity and the customer are at the center of each transaction.

Kris readily admits that she often feels like she is desperately clutching the back bumper of a runaway technology bus for dear life, but she is tenacious and has (so far) managed to hang on. While her company boasts a few bricks and a little mortar, their approach is "virtually" focused in response to evolving consumer needs and changing industry dynamics. Darwin would be proud.

She also has a well-documented blogging addiction. Kris is the mastermind behind and the main contributor to the locally-focused real estate blog, The San Diego Home Blog. In addition, she is a contributing columnist for Inman News.

Kris holds a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and prior to entering real estate, actually used that degree for its intended purpose. She held the title of Deputy Director with the City of San Diego's Engineering Department, and later consulted in the private sector, ultimately as the owner of her own consulting firm, specializing in long-range traffic forecasts and development impact studies. Ironically, it turns out that predicting travel behavior is not much different than predicting real estate market trends. Real estate simply gives her an opportunity to be wrong about the future of something else.

In her spare time, she applies a method acting approach to her role of mother to two teenaged girls. It is experimental theater at its worst.


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