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Wednesday, March 25, 2015 1:00 PM ET/
10 AM PT

Fire Up

Your Personal Brand

Debra Trappen

Chief of Sass, Moxie and Experience of d11 Consulting

This webinar will focus on defining your personal brand and business goals, then utilizing social media and mobile technology to share/amplify your message to meet those goals. Remember, infusing mobile and technology into your daily business practices needs to be more about creating experiences for clients, building a more efficient biz process, and finding more time to do the things you love to do with the people you cherish most – not just about having the latest, shiniest gadget or app.

This session will:

  • Ignite and inspire you to define your CORE FOUR: values, soul tank fuel, purpose and niche statement, as well as clarify your top life goals
  • Review which social platforms and apps make the most sense for you and your goals
  • Show ways to translate those core four into a simple social media strategy on key platforms
  • Share strategies to attract the people you were meant to do biz with, build deeper relationships with and serve key connections, and, of course, infuse FUN as you intentionally create a life and business that fires you UP!

Debra's Bio:

Debra Trappen is the Chief of Sass, Moxie and Experience of d11 consulting.She founded the firm to help growth-minded entrepreneurs, women in business, and companies who want to serve them, SHINE online by firing up their personal and business brands – along with their attitudes. If you want to start a business, attract more ideal clients, build influence, or amplify your voice - but have no idea where to start, Debra can help. Get ready to: clarify your values, purpose, niche and what fuels your soul tank; define what social media platforms are best for you; and ACHIEVE your goals… All with lots of tech tips, oodles of moxie, and tons of fun along the journey.

Debra's Purpose: To fire people up and into their greatness…

Debra's daily mission: "To ignite passion, infuse purpose, and inspire progress by connecting, engaging, elevating and empowering amazing relationships and brilliant ideas."

Her secret power:

Creating clarity in chaos… She helps you focus on and navigate to your truth.

Prior to launching d11, she attracted, trained, and motivated 1,100+ REALTORS® in the Pacific Northwest. During her 12+ years in the industry she has worn many hats… from REALTOR® to a C-suite leader in recruiting, training, and social media.

Debra lives in the Seattle area with her husband, Andrew - and their feisty pups, Niko and Lizzie. To learn more about her purpose, experience her sharing style, and connect with her on social channels:

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